April 2017 Qibla Free update

We have updated Qibla Free to a new version 1.3 where previously optional functions are now included for free. However we will show an advertisement with acceptable content every now and then.

If you have any issue with the update please email us, so we might adjust the app or advise you on how to use it.
We love to receive reviews, but contacting us can solve issues easily (inshallah).
Thank you!

IPHONE TIME DISPLAY ERROR CORRECTED IN 1.3.1 Please use version 1.3.1 (or above) for correct display of the prayer times.



November 2015 Qibla Plus update

We have updated Qibla Plus to a new version with extra functionality. Some less used functions have been removed to simplify the user interface.
Route and website information (if available) of nearby mosques.
You can start the Islamic date at Maghrib and manually adjust the date. (This does not influence prayer times)
Local time display together with prayer times for any worldwide location that you "double tap" on the map.
The active prayer is indicated by a green icon.
Better compass calibration.
While adjusting the calculation method, you will see the updated prayer times.
Please let us know which other functions you would like to see.
Saved locations.
Date slider.
Choice of Hijri Calendars, you can now manually adjust the date.

Delayed alert after DST change.
This is solved in updates with release from April 2013 onwards.

No double tap function after upgrading to IOS 6.
This is solved in the current version.

Why don't I hear the Full adhan?
Apple only allows 30 seconds for an alert sound, if launched from the background (app is inactive).
When the app is active and adhan is set to Mecca, the full adhan will play.
Update: New App versions will have 3 Full adhan options. Due to the restraints we are only using Full adhans of less then 90 seconds (fajr 120).

Hijri date gives wrong display in Malaysia
This appears to be an IOS Bug
Please go to Settings>International>RegionFormat and change region from Malaysia to Singapore.
Update:Apple solved this bug in IOS 6, please update to IOS 6.

Prayer Alerts

Notifications must be turned on (Settings>Notifications)

Prayer time alerts are always automatically set for the last detected device location.

Individually ON/OFF Alerts.
Individually set Alert Sound and or Message.
Alerts for the 5 prayers.
Alert for fixed Daily Alarm.
Alert for chosen minutes before or after Fajr.
If the app is not currently running there is a 30 seconds Alert restriction.
Full Mecca adhan Alert when app is actively running. (choose sound: Mecca)
Update: New App versions will have 3 Full adhan options. Due to the restraints we are only using Full adhans of less then 90 seconds (fajr 120).


  Use device loaction
  Show Mosques
  Activate Compass
  Search new location
  Display favorites
  Add location to favorites
  Settings and info

Functions explained


Qibla direction can be found in 3 ways:

The Qibla angle is displayed as degrees from North (Clockwise)
The green Qibla line will keep pointing towards Kaaba when the compass is activated
Compare Qibla direction to nearby houses and roads using satellite images (always 100% accurate).

Directions explained


Mosques will be searched within 5KM (3.1 miles). If none are found within this distance the search will go to 50KM (31 miles).
The Mosque information comes from the Google Places database which is still experimental. We hope to provide a facility for uploading your own Mosques in the next Qibla Plus version.
Please allow for sporadic mislabeling of Mosques.

Mosque finder explained

Prayer Times

Qibla Plus uses the praytimes module from by Hamid Zarrabi-Zadeh, jazakallahu khayran. Calculation methods can be adjusted in the Settings menu. Qibla Plus added an extra method for Jakim Malaysia. The slider can activate future dates, up to 3 months for Ipad, 1 month for iphone.

Prayer Times explained

Ipad greatCircle map

Your Ipad will show the entire greatcirlce from your location to the Kaaba. The greatcircle isgenerally perceived as the best direction as it follows the shortest distance. A tap on the greatcircle map will show the Kaaba entry location of the Qibla.

Umm al-Qura calendar

Qibla Plus uses the same calender as used in Saudi Arabia. Note that the religious authorities of Saudi Arabia sometimes adjust these dates after claimed sightings of the lunar crescent. For more information visit Umm al-Qura calendar by R.H. van Gent


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