Mosque Finder Explained

Mosques display

Mosques will be searched within 5KM (3.1 miles). If none are found within this distance the search will go to 50KM (31 miles). Tapping the displayed mosque will show it's distance to the startpoint of the qibla line and address if available. Tap mosque button to ON/OFF (clear).

Mosques button 'not active' and 'active':  

Mosques information source

The Mosque information comes from the Google Places database which is still experimental. We did however find the information very reliable although maybe not complete. The advantage of using the Google database is that alle entries are checked by Google.

We hope to provide a facility for uploading your own Mosques in the next Qibla Plus version. If you know of any other reliable Mosque (offline/online) databases, please inform us, so we can consider adding the database.