Functions explained

Use device location
Activate device location button

Displays the device location as startpoint for the Qibla line.
Location services must be enabled (go to your device settings to enable).
Only a single update of the location will be requested (not contiuous).

Show Mosques
Activate Mosque search button

Tap mosque button to ON/OFF (clear).
Mosques will be searched within 5KM (3.1 miles). If none are found within this distance the search will go to 50KM (31 miles). Tapping the displayed mosque will show it's distance to the startpoint of the qibla line and address if available.
The Mosque information comes from the Google Places database which is still experimental. We did however find the information very reliable although maybe not complete.

Activate Compass (only for device location)
Activate compass button

Tap compass button to ON/OFF.
Activates the compass. The activated compass will keep rotating the map and with it the green Qibla line. Electrical/magnetic interference can however effect the result. Check if the map keeps pointing in the same directions when you move around.
If possible always compare the map/satellite picture with roads and houses in your neighbourhood, they should be aligned.

Search locations
Activate  search button

Search for worldwide locations by entering placename or address or postalcode etc.

Display favorites
Activate favorites button

Display favorite locations. Swiping a location will display a delete button. Favorite locations can be used offline for prayer times.

Add location to favorites
Activate add to favorites button

Add current displayed location to favorites. Allows for entering a new name. Favorite locations can be used offline for prayer times.

Settings and Info
Activate settings button

Display menu leading to extra information and settings.

Date slider

The prayer time date can be adjusted by using the slider (up to 3months ahead for Ipad, 1 month for Iphone).

Double tap on main map

Activates new location at the first tap.

Tap on small map (Ipad only)

Alternates the display of greatcircle en Kaaba entrypoint maps.