Qibla Plus aimes to provide innovative application services for the Islamic community.

Our innovations
We were the first to create: Visual confirmation of the Qibla direction (using satellite images of your location). Great Circle overlay from your location to the Kaaba, solving the question "How can my Qibla direction point North, when the Kaaba is south of my location?". Which corner of the Kaaba are you facing? (Ipad only). Full Azaan alerts.
Common features, Qibla Compass direction. Find nearby mosques (we can add mosques not yet shown, just email us). Prayer times with adjustments for calculations. Rotate your screen in the qibla direction.

Qibla Plus is conceptualised by Haji Ridzuan Robert, currently residing in Malaysia.
We thank all that have contributed, jazakallahu khair......

Insya-Allah we can keep on improving Qibla plus with your help!
We are looking forward to hear from you.

Reviews that keep us going for 10 years now (US jun 2021)
"I am a truck driver in United States and I have been using your application for many years. Your application far exceeds similar applications by showing the direction of holy Kaba with proximity to the location of device. This clarifies the confusions may be caused by compass type applications because prayer can target a certain landmark that he can actually see. I love you people and I made prayers for you you guys over the years. I recommended your application to my friends."

More Apps
The Full Quran automatically scrolling in BIG FONT on your screen, for those that can not read the small letters anymore or those that prefer the beautiful calligraphy in full screen. See it on the App Store